Carbon Credits Market _ How POP can change the game

Hey guys,

Briefly, the carbon credits market is pretty new and there is MUCH room for improvement. Carbon credits today are essentially purchasing the planting of tree(s) somewhere. This is pretty lame, as it does no specify which type of tree usually as they range in time to grow (e.g. 10 years) and carbon sequestration ability. Trees are unlikely the answer to actually make a significant impact.

Until the technology exists so suck emissions directly from the air for a cost of x_ and the value generated is x_ + y, y being a positive non-zero number (likely at least 10x), it is likely that we have to weaponize the environment against the environment. This was regarded as very taboo 20 years ago bc it was thought that we have time. We really dont have time anymore.

There are two clear cut ways to do this - (1) algae and (2) adding certain nutrients to oceans.

I think algae is the best way to go because algae:

(a) is more than 100x efficient than trees in carbon sequestration,
(b) can be brought to sites of the most carbon emission (e.g. highways, power plants, airports, SPACEX launch sites lol)
(c) is extremely inexpensive and grows rapidly (it multiplies exponentially in a matter of days - weeks, whereas trees take many years to grow).

I recently bought this to get a better understanding of algae in my home -

Also, stumbled across this set of videos that shows a new hardware that an individual can use which is 400x more efficient than trees - similar to algen air tech: This = 400 Trees ( The Algae Co2 Scrubber ) - YouTube

Given that this is all relatively new, perhaps it would be worth it to:

(1) prioritize what an individual can do to support the environment - tesla started out as a niche group, similar to what popcorn is

(2) accumulate the research to actually publish a whitepaper on the matter (Popcorn Research, similar to Eth Research)

(3) enter the Elon Musk X Prize as the Popcorn DAO and strategize the best way forward - $100M Prize For Carbon Removal | XPRIZE Foundation


I have a 4) idea - a more simple one I have do admit: What about taking carbon credits off the market (or making it more lucrative to retire those into the blockchain) by buying and “donating” BCT to KlimaDAO by using their bond mechanism? The main advantage of this: We can “do good” while at the same time acquire KLIMA and stake in the name of the DAO it with those juicy APYs.


100p agree that Algae should be a part of the solution here - question is how and where to get this data on chain…

maybe we can have a twitter spaces on this matter … is there a time that is best for u guys?

Sure that could be interesting - I am based in Europe so any reasonable time (9am to midnight) works for me - twitter is @relativebilanz

Hello @PopcornResearch !

Just wondering what thoughts, insights or views you might have relative to the Moss Carbon Credit MCO2 token?