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Hello all! I had a brief convo with @krychek yesterday and would like to bring this RFC to the Popcorn community!


At DoinGud, we see clearly what PopcornDAO is doing for the space at the intersection of DeFi and positive social impact. From a values standpoint, we couldn’t be more aligned! This is exactly what we are looking for - communities and the individuals within them to build, educate, create culture and advance the “Web3 for good” movement together.

This comes at a time when we are going open source and launching the DoinGud protocol, offering the infrastructure for Decentralized Impact which will enable anyone to participate in the decentralized funding, governance, and validation of impact.

The launch of the protocol will also come with the genesis of the DoinGudDAO. Leading up to the protocol and DAO launch, we are initiating a membership program and would love for PopcornDAO to join us as we gather this mesh network of communities to collaborate and support one another <3

Main Objective:

The main objective here is to share value to PopcornDAO through this membership program and consortium of communities committed to impact. We believe many of us are creating different pieces of the puzzle that will help us solve humanity’s problems. It’s time to collaborate and put our pieces together.

For context. It’s important to share who we are at DoinGud. It’s our purpose to keep building Until Every Expression of Human Creativity Builds a Better World. Like PopcornDAO, we are rooted in values of Giving, Impact, Decentralization, Open Source, and Transparency.

This has driven us to build an NFT social marketplace already generating impact with over $380k in sales volume and $90k in donations. This is largely while the platform has been had been closed to just a limited number of creators while the user experience was improved and only on polygon (we will be launching on ethereum soon now that it’s PoS). We also have over 60 social causes fully vetted and onboarded to the platform to receive the donations transparently on chain, with hundreds more in the pipeline. This marketplace is built on a strong foundation leveraging the best of decentralized tech.

Moreover, we believe the web3 movement is NOT just about the tech. The movement is led by humans and that’s why educating, cultivating culture and creating spaces for meaningful connections is key for building our new society. This is why our team stepped up as the primary organizers of ETHBarcelona (link).

Clearly here we believe Popcorn and DoinGud have great values, tech, and vibe alignment!

As mentioned in the summary, we are reaching out now as we look to collaborate with other value-aligned communities and individuals in the space in anticipation of launching our protocol and DAO. This starts with community memberships, where we look to create value for its members through:

  1. Collaboration on future events (priority sponsorship tiers at a discount)
  2. A sizable discount and allowlist access for all of your community members to the DoinGud Membership NFT sale upcoming.
  3. Resource sharing and increased awareness about how what you are building can be leveraged for good across all our socials
  4. A dedicated number of seats in the DoinGud DAO and participate in regular meetings where we explore synergies between the different communities
  5. Amplified exposure as a community for good with other leading DAOs, protocols and thought leaders in the public goods, refi, regen, impact space

These memberships are available in a variety of tiers as follows:

It is important to note, that for communities to qualify for the free tier, communities must have a treasury of less than <$500k.

See here for the complete community membership details {link}

Here are the communities that have joined including DreamDAO, Livepeer, H.E.R. DAO, The DAOist, ShapeShift, Good Dollar, BrightID, and many more (Full list in presentation)

After the community memberships, we are releasing “Gud Souls” Membership NFTs for individuals that are Soulbound (non-transferrable) and provide:

  1. Access to participate in the discussions on the private Discourse, Discord, and Telegram channels.
  2. Exclusive access to the beta tools and sales modes
  3. Special collaborations with other community partners

Contracts/Technical Requirements:

We do have a standard agreement that could be used to have all the details on paper. No technical work required.

Organizational/Partnership Requirements:

With a membership, PopcornDAO will be able to delegate a certain number of individuals to have “Seats” in the DoinGud DAO as well as organize and share all the wallet addresses of DAO members to be added to the allowlist for the “Gud Souls” Membership. Furthermore, DoinGud will make an announcement and make it easy for PopcornDAO to retweet and properly communicate key information to the community.

Next Steps:

In order to proceed with the Community Membership, the steps include:

  1. Choose Membership Tier by October 5
  2. Sign Agreement if necessary (will be prepared based on membership tier elected in step 2) by October 5
  3. Send funds (Wallet address provided in the agreement in step 3) by October 5
  4. Send members Ethereum wallet addresses for Gud Souls Allowlist by October 7
  5. Send the Ethereum wallet addresses of your representatives that will be given seats into the DoinGud DAO (can be provided later)

Looking forward to hearing any feedback and happy to answer any questions!

Update: Adding poll:

Please vote “Yes” if you support this proposal or “No” if you don’t support this proposal

  • Yes
  • No (Would be great to comment on why)

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Awesome proposal up here! I also believe educating, cultivating culture and creating spaces for meaningful connection is very key :100:
Overall, think the initiative is great and a possible collaboration will prove productive in a long run.

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I personally feel it’s a nice idea but it would be awesome if Popcorn community know how large your audience is so the relationship can be symbiotic and not one gaining more thab the other.

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Great question and point raised! We have a growing community, currently a 22.1k followers on twitter. In efforts to raise awareness and share with the space what we stand for, we just released our manifesto, which has shown strong traction with over 13k signatures in a week:

We also believe within the network of community partners we are gathering, it is certainly to be a valuable, symbiotic relationship: