How can we leverage POP to solve for Climate Change?

Passionate about sustainability and especially improving supply chains to make them more sustainable as 75% of most companies carbon footprint comes from their supply chain!

Frustrated with the repeated failures of political events and entities such as COP and the UN to create REAL and MEASURABLE global warming progress against climate change.

Believe that DeFi, perhaps even POP!, funding can help us to define and fund the solutions needed starting first with MEASUREMENT and then with INCENTIVES that will ensure goals like under 1.5C rise are met!!

Interested in getting @anna-marie and other POPstars views, ideas and support to help spearhead and develop some of these solutions with a stream focused on Individuals and another on Organizations/Companies!

Over to you…


Hey @Scorpio

I don’t know much about the specifics of supply chain carbon footprints but I am always up for learning. Do you have any links you could share on this?

To note: I’m actually going on annual leave from the 13th to the 28th December, and have a lot to do before then, so my personal attention on this is unfortunately not going to be possible until the New Year.

In the meantime, I wonder if you could write a more detailed proposal to the community, sharing the ways that you think POP could help in this area. If you have any beneficiaries in mind, nonprofits or grassroots groups that are working in this area, you could also share those with the community too.

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No problem at all! The supply chain sustainability is just my area of personal experience and expertise.

Will think further on Proposal between now and New Year and areas it will focus on are actual Measurement of Carbon Footprint and Incentives for both Individuals and Companies!

Great to “meet” you and happy holidays!



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Solve for climate change top down is a tall ask.

Solve for climate change bottom up (starting w the individual) is very doable.

Planning to release some materials in the near future with immediate steps individuals can take to improve their own environment as well as potential ways to make carbon markets more efficient (e.g. planting trees aint it.).

Will post more frequently in the near term … if anyone wants to contact directly:


Thanks for chiming in and agree that top down is definitely tough row to hoe!

Also, agree that sharing positive actions is great start, but unfortunately not enough.

We need to implement a “standardized” measurement approach for both individuals and companies in order to be able to measure where we are currently AND then be able to see actual reductions happening on global basis.

Once measurement is in place the next step is to introduce incentives for both individuals and companies to do the right thing.

The carrot is much more powerful than the stick!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR @anna-marie ! For me it’s going to be all about using POPCORN :popcorn: to save the Environment in 2022! Let me know when we can get started when you’re back from holidays! Cheers Scorpio

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Interesting ideas from @PopcornResearch on carbon credits and algae here!

Definitely worth exploring, but we’ll need to be careful, seem to recall an old Sci-Fi novel or story where algae gets out of control and takes over everything! If anyone can remember the title please let me know as simple searches did not find it!

Over the last several weeks, progress has been made in researching and better understanding existing MEASUREMENT solutions out there and Beneficiary organizations operating in the MEASUREMENT space.

To see more, feel free to review and join the Discord channel #Sustainability-Measurement-Incentives to add any additional thoughts, questions and ideas! Discord

We will utilize all input to inform the process as we now start to prepare our first Request For Comment proposal to share with you all! Cheers!


Heads up for all in this ongoing discussion, the Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives RFC has now been posted! Cheers! [RFC 1] - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI)