How to using this FORUM?

It’s simple UI but I don’t understand how to using this​:joy::joy:

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Hey! So the way the Forum is set up is you can create a post (as you did) and people can respond to your post (as I am). Past posts are all listed, and you can scroll through them and see past discussions (you can see some under yours, in Suggested Topics). Posts can also be “liked”, as can comments. I will like this post so you see an example. It’s slightly similar to Reddit in that sense if you’ve ever used that.

Your profile up top can be used to show notifications (replies to your post/comment, updates on posts you’re involved in, likes, etc). The 3 lines can be used to access certain categories or used to view selective aspects of the site/posts.

Basically, the idea is this can be used to discuss things in a more organized/extensive capacity and can be used to bring things to a proposal or something of the sort. So for instance if someone wanted to create a proposal, they’d post something on the forum with the guidelines, we’d go through the Advice Process (ask an expert, people impacted by this potential change, Popstars, etc) and run the idea by them, and it if passes through the advice process then it can be brought into a snapshot vote. Anna Marie is the Advice Process expert.

Lots of this stuff is still being worked out, and we are still learning a lot, but these are the basics. If you have any questions on anything, my DMs on Discord are open so feel free to message me EmptyDebitCard#3253 or on Telegram @EmptyDebitCard