Monday Morning UI Suggestion!

Happy Monday!

Have thought of this before but never raised!

What do all think about adding a Total Vested Amount at top of the Vesting Records page?

Have found myself adding up these amounts previously, but now that I’m into double digits of Vesting Records and they need to be opened up to see further down page, a Total at the Top would be great!

Not a Dev, but would think this to be a relatively simple mod?

Over to the Dev Powers That Be!




Hello! Also, just noticed that the information bubble on the Staking Page beside Vesting Records, for some reason looks like it’s meant for Butter? Heads up only on this! Cheers Scorpio

Maybe it would be worthwhile to do a Usability Test to see what users need. Maybe a bounty reward could be allocated to tester/testees?

Great idea, @MattJ. We are in the process of initiating different usability testings coming up, and when ready, we will announce and share them on our Discord and Twitter.

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Hello All!, Just resurfacing this suggestion as still not completed! :innocent: