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Hey builders and dreamers. In the past several months, we’ve grown our team, written a lot of code, secured investments from angels and VC firms and are now close to launching our first product.

Our existing team and advisors consist of seasoned veterans with experience ranging from the big four to OG crypto projects like Maker. But what we’re missing is YOU!

Roles Filled/Needed

We’re looking to gain some support in the form of senior-level engineers (smart contract & web3), operations, data science, community, and marketing.

Role Time Commitment Vacancy
Senior Web3/Smart Contract Engineer 10-40hr/week open


The roadmap in the immediate future includes launching our high-yield stablecoin index along with our beneficiary governance products (it’s something like gitcoin where token holders vote periodically for non-profits to receive the fees generated from our products). We have a few more DeFi projects in the ideation/r&d phase as well to be worked on into 2022.

Our Development process

We employ scrum / agile methodology w/ async daily stand-ups, weekly sprint planning and sprint kick-off/review meetings.

The tech team has obligatory meetings at 5pm CET on mondays for sprint review & kick-off and Fridays at 3pm CET for sprint planning. All code is peer reviewed and critically examined before getting merged into our develop branch.

We believe in writing easy to understand, maintainable code. We write code primarily for others to read, and only incidentally for machines to process. We take pride in crafting well-writen code and when applicable incorporate principles such as SOLID/KISS/DRY, etc. Our code review process reflects these standards. At the same time, we also believe in empathetic review processes and expect empathy in all of our communications.

All code and planning is open sourced and visible here: ZenHub - popcorndao/workspace or

Technology Used


Next Steps

  1. Join our Discord!
  2. Give us a star on github
  3. Send your resume to
  4. extra credit - pick up an outstanding issue on github to work on!

@a11n Just tagging you here when you have a moment, to update available roles.

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Hey @LeoZeng Thank you for your interest! We have just onboarded a new community lead, @illhelm. Perhaps @illhelm could share some potential steps for you to support our community, if you’d like to do that?

Wanna be the community lead

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Sound great🤩
May be we can be a big community