Partnership proposal: BanklessDAO and PopcornDAO

BanklessDAO x PopcornDAO

TLDR: @krychek and I are looking to move forwards with this proposal and share it here for input from the community as part of the Advice Process step 3: seeking input from stakeholders, i.e. PopcornDAO community members. We seek input by Tuesday 11th Jan 12pm CET.

We believe that PopcornDAO will benefit in numerous ways from strengthening our relationship with such a strong and aligned community and are presenting the below initiative to kick-start a BanklessDAO x PopcornDAO partnership. The intentions of the initiative are:

** PopcornDAO seeks to distribute voting power to BanklessDAO members, which it will do by sending 5000 $POP tokens to BanklessDAO*
** BanklessDAO to deliver a media and educational package for Popcorn DeFi which will be directed towards promoting Olympus Give, which PopcornDAO is a recipient of (Olympus Give dashboard here and Medium post here), so benefiting Popcorn beneficiaries and building bridges with the Olympus Give community and the other Give recipients.*

The Specifics

After hosting an AMA in the BanklessDAO Discord, the Popcorn team was approached to discuss possible partnerships. The Popcorn team feels a strong alignment to BanklessDAO, and we want to give BanklessDAO members voting power to help guide and form the PopcornDAO community. To achieve this, PopcornDAO proposes a transfer of 5000 $POP tokens to BanklessDAO. BanklessDAO will distribute these $POP tokens between the Bankless treasury and Bankless contributors in exchange for creating media and educational content for Popcorn.

In an effort to diversify its voter base and drive engagement, PopcornDAO aims to distribute governance tokens to BanklessDAO members. Simply sending tokens en-mass to BanklessDAO treasury would not have the desired effect of bringing in DAO members or increasing active voting. Instead, tokens would be sent to AV, Design, Writers, and Education Guild wallets in exchange for media and education services. Contributors to this project will be asked to accept their compensation in $POP tokens.

Total Fees: 5000 $POP

  • 500 to BanklessDAO Treasury (10% external services fee)
  • 4500 split between AV, Design, Writers, and Education Guild MultiSigs (10% retained by Guilds)
    • (Determine funding split after deliverables determined)

Proposed Deliverables: Media and Education Bundle

Goal of Media and Education Bundle: Educate and promote Olympus Give and Popcorn’s partnership, along with the overall benefits of Olympus Give, Popcorn, the other recipients of Olympus Give, and DeFi for social impact.

Goals to be achieved through:

  • Educational materials (probably videos and graphics, details to be designed with relevant Bankless Guilds)
  • A joint Olympus Give & Popcorn Interview on CryptoSapiens podcast, perhaps with the other Give recipients too (tbd)
  • Features in newsletters
    1. DAO Spotlight
    2. Sponsored spots within State of the DAO (subject to availability)
  • Education articles posted on Bankless’ platform (Medium)
  • Short-form content distributed via Twitter
  • Articles to be featured in International Media Node

Project Timeline

  • Jan - confirm
  • Feb - content creation begins
    • newsletter spots
    • Social media
  • Mar - final animated video


This initiative is beneficial to BanklessDAO and its members because:

  • BanklessDAO treasury receives 10% of tokens (locked?)
  • PopcornDAO is funding BanklessDAO workstreams
  • BanklessDAO members are compensated with a governance token that can be sold or used to vote in PopcornDAO governance
  • BanklessDAO will be helping to fund social impact orgs
  • BanklessDAO will have increased exposure within PopcornDAO

This initiative is beneficial to PopcornDAO and its members because:

  • BanklessDAO is a leader in the DeFi and Web3 space
  • BanklessDAO’s mission, vision and values is in alignment with Popcorn’s purpose:

Popcorn's Purpose

And this initiative is in alignment with our goals:

  1. DeFi that makes you feel good
  2. Further decentralisation
  3. Educate and inspire
  4. Building bridges

And is in alignment with our values:
3. Community
5. Leadership

  • The more that Olympus Give is promoted (along with PopcornDAO’s role), the higher the possibility of PopcornDAO receiving greater sOHM through Give.
  • The more people that learn about social-impact focused DeFi, the more we move towards our purpose, goals, and values
  • This initiative will also strengthen our relationship with Olympus Give, showing our appreciation for being chosen as part of the first Give recipient cohort, as well as strengthening our relationships with the other recipients.
  • The initiative should increase awareness of Popcorn generally, which should lead to multiple benefits including greater use of our products, which means more grants for our beneficiaries.

Success metrics
The purpose of this partnership is to raise awareness of Popcorn DeFi and PopcornDAO. We will know if the project has been successful if there is increased traffic from BanklessDAO and Olympus Give members in PopcornDAO, as well as increased sOHM directed to PopcornDAO through Give. As this is measured externally to BanklessDAO, it will be the duty of PopcornDAO and Olympus Give to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Next steps, further to outcome of Snapshot vote:

  • PopcornDAO sends 5000 $POP to the BanklessDAO treasury
  • BanklessDAO distributes $POP to individual guilds to fund individual efforts
  • Relevant BanklessDAO Guilds get in touch with Popcorn so that Popcorn can facilitate the design of the different elements of this package.

As both a bDAO member and POP holder I’m def into this :+1:
DAO2DAO partnerships are always exciting


Vanderbilt Blockchain is in full support of this proposal. Bankless and BanklessDAO are some of the premier organizations in the Ethereum space, and having them aware of Popcorn would be beneficial. In the future, once Butter v1 and other products are released, it may be beneficial to look into getting a sponsorship spot on their podcast.


I support this proposal but it sounds more like paying BanklessDAO for a service rather than a partnership.

I agree, but even from a PR perspective, I think the exposure is worth it.

Absolutely, this is a great use of PopcornDAO funds in my opinion.

I had the same feeling when reading the text. The whole setup boils down to an advertisement contract but is framed as a “partnership in spirit”. I too think this deal sounds good though, don’t get me wrong.

My only concern is that POPstars will not be designated a just amount of POP tokens with respect to what is being allocated for a partnership. However, I was the first POPstar to suggest any type of exposure with Bankless so I will support a partnership.

Hey @umq Tagging @illhelm and @a11n in here because I haven’t been involved in the Popstar allocation but looking at the tokenomics paper (and from what I understand) an amount is allocated for core contributors in the tokenomics; and what’s then utilised from the treasury for partnerships comes from a separate allocation of POP. In summary, (as far as I know) the Popstar allocation was set when the Popstar programme started, so allocation isn’t still to be designated.

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To add @umq

Here’s from the Popstar contract:

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Ah, the predesignated partnership allocation only further clarifies this decision. Thank you for posting the relevant information on our public forum. Now that it has been presented in such a manner, will the POPstar allocation stem from the “Early Contributors” category?

The POPstar allocation is actually drawn from the ‘airdrops’ category. However, the screenshot of the contract that @anna-marie posted is out of date - we are almost ready to present a new arrangement with the POPstars that gives them more autonomy and clarifies the program’s place in the DAO. Look for a relevant proposal early next week.