Popcorn Forum Code of Conduct

Popcorn is a community DAO of DeFi pioneers, united under the mission of making the world a better place. Read the information in this category before posting.

Abide by the following Code of Conduct to keep discussions civil and productive.

:popcorn: GOOD VIBES ONLY: This is a place for positive and constructive pursuance of the Popcorn mission. We’re here to build, not bring others down. Using profanity or disrespectful language will result in a ban.

:popcorn: BE THOUGHTFUL: This forum is for REAL, SUBSTANTIVE discussions only. Low-effort posts will be deleted.

:popcorn: FOLLOW THE POP PROCESS: Be sure to follow the Popcorn Governance Process and post in the appropriate category.

:popcorn: NO SPAMMING/SHILLING: This is not a place for spamming, scamming, or shilling.

:popcorn: PRIVACY: Please do not publish other’s private information.