PopcornDAO x BanklessDAO x Olympus Give

This is an update to the previous post which was shared as part of the Advice Process (step 3: check in with those that will be affected by the decision, i.e. the community).

This new post includes updates and amendments to the previous shared proposal:

1. An increase in the allocation to BanklessDAO for the media and education package. When we first approached Bankless, we were simply looking to create a partnership and incorporate the two communities. We suggested that PopcornDAO gave Bankless’ treasury 5000 POP, which BanklessDAO members could utilise to join our governance processes.

BanklessDAO suggested that instead of simply receiving POP tokens, the Guilds could offer us a media and education package in return. At the time, 5000 $POP was valued at around $20,000.

However, with the recent large downward turn in the market, 5000 $POP is today worth around just over $5000 value (average). We would like to therefore offer a new package: a mixture of 5000 x$POP (to be vested in the BanklessDAO treasury), and 7500 USDC & 7500 $POP to be utilised by the Bankless guilds for contributor payment in contributing to the media & education package.

As you’ll see in the new proposal, BanklessDAO will also be adding BANK to the Bankless Guild’s payment package.

This feels right: to be offering the individual contributors a fair $ exchange for their contributions, and still giving BanklessDAO treasury the initial partnership offering of 5000 $POP, except we’ll be changing this to xPOP, so that it’s automatically vested.

2.Added emphasis on increasing engagement across the respective forums and Discords, thereby integrating all three communities and supporting the growth of each project in turn.

Here’s the full proposal:


Thanks for sharing! I agree with this change, it definitely seems like it’ll be beneficial

Well written proposal - including the Bankless proposal on their forum.
Some definite benefits expected, including leveraging experience of the Bankless DAO members in helping us navigate our early DAO days.

FYI Bankless has a growing profile on TikTok. We should also be there.

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Closing thread as Snapshot was passed by the community: Snapshot

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