Potential beneficiaries outside of Popcorn's current scope

A thread for potential beneficiaries that aren’t in the scope of environment, education, or open source, but are incredibly exciting and inspiring projects that you’d like to be considered if the scope opens up.

UK-based org that helps homeless people get the funding they need to train for jobs, and helps finds them new homes too.

Small good stuff
UK-based org that link local people with needs with local people that could help them.


I personally think it should be flexible. The objective is to make the world better…haha


Planting Justice
A non-profit landscaping company and nursery providing living wage jobs for people leaving incarceration. (SF East Bay, California)

Rich City Rides
A worker owned community bike shop in Richmond, CA. Provides: Training opportunities for youth, community bike repair workshops and events, free bike programs, weekly organized bike rides, and community service activities.


Edmond, we are not completely married to restricting causes. We are considering limiting only in the beginning. Your point is extremely valid to our purpose of involving individuals to be more caring and engaged with social impact.


Great and thank you for your caring


I think you have a great point, Edmond. I’m not privvy to the core team’s conversations around this, but I completely agree. There is a lot of interconnection between social issues and environmental issues. I’d love to see a “values accounting” system that accounts for any social benefit organization that rewards them proportionally to the environmental impacts they’re having.

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Капачки за бъдеще - Caps for the future (translated from Bulgarian).
Caps for the future is a massive campaign built by two Bulgarians. The main focus is that Bulgarians are collecting caps from bottles and then giving them away to this organization. They recycle the caps and with the earned money buy child incubators (for babies in the hospitals) because the Bulgarian healthcare system cannot afford many of these. One of the most successful campaigns Bulgaria has seen.