Review On $POP Staking Rewards Mechanism

This proposal aims to review the current Popcorn staking rewards Mechanism.

(Instead of 10% of your POP rewards distributed immediately after claiming your rewards with the remaining 90% vesting over 12 months).


  • Allow users to stake $POP for a longer period of time instead of staking and re-staking every 30days.

  • The more $POP the user is staking , and the longer he/she is doing it, the higher will be the rewards.

  • The $POP rewards part will be compoundable, but in escrow one year after the user claimed them. If the user wants to receive the total rewards instantly, there will be a penalty fee of 50-60%. These $POP tokens will be added to the staking rewards Emission to allow stakers Earn more.

This will increase the rewards earned by active stakers while encouraging them to stake their assets for a longer period of time.