[RFC-11] Enable vIPOP Delegation for Popcorn Community


This RFC highlights the need for a vIPOP delegation option for PopcornDAO.

Main Objective

There are hundreds of POP stakers, but in the last five governance snapshots, only an average of 19.4 wallets have participated in governance. Participating in governance can require a serious time commitment. For this reason, people should have the option to delegate their vIPOP to community members who are significantly engaged in the DAO and with whom their visions align.

Technical Requirements

I need to learn the development process to implement the option to delegate vIPOP. I’m sure this issue has been weighing on the development team’s minds, and there is a process in place to implement it.

The new DAO tool showkarma arrived just in time. It will play a vital role in helping delegators choose who to delegate their vIPOP to because delegators can view the voting history of delegates. With the “karma” scoring, delegators can also judge which delegates are most active in the ecosystem and dedicated to the mission of the DAO.

Next Steps

If the proposal passes and devs implement the option to delegate vIPOP, POP token stakers will need to be alerted to delegate their vIPOP to community members whom they trust can help govern and move the DAO forward.


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Delegation definitely needs to be enabled on snapshot. Talk to @JoeyN and let’s get this set up!


This is a great idea!
I love how PopcornDAO is evolving.
More than a sandbox, more like 1,000 kernels ready to pop


Thanks for posting this, Cardo!

On the technical requirements side, Snapshot makes vote delegation easy to implement. It is currently available and simply needs to be enabled. This option gives governance token holders the ability to delegate (and un-delegate) their voting power to any of the delegate wallet addresses listed. To see how this works in practice, you can check out the Snapshot page of any DAO currently utilizing delegation, like Sushi.

One challenge that you’ll notice in the Sushi example is that potential delegates are represented only by wallet address in Snapshot. Who are the contributors behind these wallets, how active are they, and how have they voted? That’s what makes Karma such a powerful tool.

I fully support this. Let’s go!