[RFC-13] Fiat on-ramp, off-ramp implementation


This RFC aims to allocate resources for developing an infrastructure to transact seamlessly between fiat and crypto on Popcorn, allowing users to bypass exchanges, bridges, and custody providers. This means users would be able to exchange fiat and cryptocurrency, and move money in seconds, via wire, ACH, or crypto.

Desired outcomes:

  • On-ramp fiat and make deposits into the Protocol
  • Off-ramp crypto and withdraw it as fiat back to a specified bank account
  • Initiate multisig transactions and approvals, using a built in non-custodial wallet (web3auth) + gnosis safe


The motivation here is to optimize the user experience with easy on and off-ramps between fiat and crypto that can be immediately deposited into Popcorn smart contracts, rather than purchasing from third-party exchanges, bridges, and custody providers.


External partners are quoting up to $25K


This will be good to increase adoption by no-coiners - including larger investors exploring crypto with ESG focus

Definitely a good thing to add more ways of adding liquidity to the protocol.
I think this is great initiative to get more traditional users onto the network.