[RFC-17] Working Groups pilot extension

1. Summary
This proposal seeks to extent the Working Groups pilot through the end of January. This will give all operating WGs the chance to complete the full three-month term specified in PIP-3. Due to individual WGs starting their pilot phase at different times, Growth & Communications is the only WG that will have completed three months at the end of December.

2. Link to previous DAO discussions

3. Main Objective
Extending WGs through January will allow all WGs to continue work currently underway without interruption while developing proposals for the next phase of their groups. This extension will not exceed the budget originally scoped for the WG pilot because the maximum capacity of WG membership outlined in PIP-3 was not reached.

4. Next Steps
Since WGs are already up and running, no additional action will be needed to continue operating them.


What are the results of the Growth & Comms working group to warrant an extension for that group? And what were the costs of piloting that WG?

@0x0a1n the Growth & Comms group has been responsible for moderation of Discord and Telegram, authoring Medium articles and Twitter threads, and hosting a weekly “fireside chat” on Discord, among other activities.

Growth & Comms costs for October + November totaled 13,948 POP. December costs are not yet finalized but will be in line with prior months.

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