[RFC-19] Twitter Space vlPOP giveaways

Since October 6th, 2022, Popcorn has begun hosting community calls every Thursday on Twitter Spaces. To incentivize more consistent attendance, Popcorn can introduce a vlPOP airdrop giveaway function. The amount of vlPOP per giveaway will be equal to # of attendees.

Link to previous DAO discussions:
Similar vlPOP giveaway in [PIP-9]
Similar POP giveaway for Community Dubai Twitter Space

Main Objective:
Increase number of attendees, consistency of attendance, and involvement of Popcorn community. Community calls are an important platform for core team members to share roadmap updates and community members to engage is discussions about governance. By making the Twitter Spaces more of an emphasis, information can easily concentrated from the newsletter, forum, blog, and Twitter to a <1 hour weekly “podcast”. For individual’s not currently involved with Popcorn, attending Twitter Spaces is now a low-effort way to learn about the project and possibly earn POP. A win-win!

Note that discretion should be used in the case of a bot attack/exploit that artificially inflates attendees. In that case, vlPOP amount should resort to previous verifiable attendance number.

Contracts/Technical Requirements:
Allocation of vlPOP to giveaway winner.

Organizational/Partnership Requirements:

Next Steps:

  1. Users who attend >50% of Twitter Space are eligible
  2. Twitter handles for eligible users will be collected and selected at random after the Twitter Space
  3. Winner will be contacted via Twitter DM to collect wallet address
  4. vlPOP transferred to winner by EOM or the following EOM if Twitter Space happens after 25th

Attendance of Twitter Spaces:
10/6/2022 - 66
10/13/2022 - n/a
10/20/2022 - 2,300
10/27/2022 - 631 (Streamed demo from Discord)
11/3/2022 - n/a
11/10/2022 - 17
11/17/2022 - 25
11/24/2022 - n/a
12/1/2022 - n/a
12/8/2022 - 65
12/15/2022 - n/a
12/22/2022 - 12
12/29/2022 - n/a

I also had a proposal on how to boost Twitter space attendance. I think we’re I, Beami and Ifan not attending from having no listeners. My suggestion was to gamify the entire DAO experience and reward users with vIPOP. A tool that can help with these is crew3 or Galxe. With Crew3, members earn XP for doing specific tasks. These include retweets, likes, replies, etc. Numerous tasks can be programmable for users to earn XP and receive vIPOP, perhaps after a month or a quarter based on XP earned.

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