[RFC 2] - DAO-wide Bounty Board

There are a lot of tasks and jobs that would support PopcornDAO’s growth. The core team has to prioritize efficiency and that leaves some possibilities for things that the community might take ownership on. At the same time, there are many active community members in the Popcorn discord and forum that might be willing to complete individual tasks for token rewards. I am starting this Request for Comment as a starting point to establish a DAO-wide bounty board. Creating a vast community that can earn various rewards as a result of contributing to the project is key to creating a thriving DAO. A bounty board could serve as one means for distributing rewards to community members for contributing to Popcorn’s growth.

Previous discussions:
In discord, @illhelm started a discussion on tools to incentivize community participation. In response, I shared ongoing conversations I’ve started with with Partnr’s founder and introduced the idea of a bounty board (Discord Reference). Will and I had a DM conversation to discuss current state of bounties at PopcornDAO and a wishlist regarding this kind of solution. Based on that conversation:

  1. The first formal bounty program within PopcornDAO will be a bug bounty coordinated via ImmuneFi
  2. There is a clear desire for a DAO-wide bounty board - with a range of claimable and incentivized tasks open to the community
  3. The core team is currently stretched thin and has to prioritize rather than execute on all possible tasks, including developing a bounty board

Main Objective:
The main object of this RFC is to identify a best-case scenario to pilot bounty curation, posting, and completion. The primary benefits will be continued growth of the PopcornDAO ecosystem, while increasing community engagement with the opportunity to earn POP.

Potential risks that we will want to mitigate are to assure quality completion of tasks and fair distribution of POP rewards.

Steps Done

  1. :heavy_check_mark: Listing our desired requirements for the board. Specifying things like where to host, how to access, who has access, etc.
    [As an example of what to suggest, you might comment with: where you might to see the bounty board hosted (discord, notion, someplace else?), formats or examples of bounty boards that have worked effectively in other communities, and/or experiences with bounties boards. that were easy to work with.]
  2. :heavy_check_mark: Then, discuss desired requirements for identifying bounties and assigning POP value.

3. Define QA requirements to identify how to define quality completion and what happens if completed work does not meet quality standard.

Next Step
4. Identify a sponsor to vet the process after it’s defined and get sign offs on bounties from the core team.

Current Phase:
What quality assurance requirements are there to have a minimum viable working bounty board?
In response to this question, @illhelm has suggested that we could designate one QA role for tech related bounties and one QA role for non-tech bounties. Will this be sufficient for getting started, or are there other QA considerations that need met?

Results so far (in progress, will be edited as comments roll in)
Requirements for deliverable:

  • Information the community will need from the team
  • Access to team (intermediary to relay info between team and community)
  • :white_check_mark:Details on bounty
  • :white_check_mark:Priority level for bounty
  • :white_check_mark:Claim / assign tasks
  • :white_check_mark:Update progress
  • Integrate with core team’s operationalized tools
  • Permission - open/closed tasks (credentials, skills required)


  • Notion Kanban
  • Bounty Template
  • Established guidelines for accepting completed work


  • Board admin

Examples of other DAO Bounty Boards (from discord discussion)

Resources for external partnerships:

Needs work:

  • Standard for bounty values

I’m so pleased you’re leading on this. Thank you! :pray:

I’d say that it’s not just small tasks: there are tasks both big and small that it would be brilliant if the community could start to take ownership of and lead on. Often big and small tasks are absolutely a priority to us, it’s just that this is such a multi-faceted project to nurture that we are forced to choose between priorities. Beyond that ‘need’ for tasks to be completed is, from my perspective, a belief that Popcorn being a highly-contributing community that has a reward system or multiple reward systems is key to us being a thriving, mature, grounded community that carries Popcorn forwards. So, again, very excited to see this happening.

Can we add to ‘desired requirements for the board’ the question of what will the community need from the team. Information? (If so, how?) Access to team members? A team member allocated as being involved with the board admin, so there’s a bridge of information between the two? Be great to explore this now so that we as a team can start to discuss this and think of how we can provide what’s needed here.

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Also, just to throw in the mix here, I know of a few DAOs starting to use https://dework.xyz/ as a bounty board. I understand that it allows for the reviewing process before payment, but that once the review is positive then the allocation is automatically sent to wallets.


Dework looks great and very useful. I would like to suggest just a Notion Kanban board as an interim solution. This will allow the core team to provide details about bounties, assign priorities. It also will allow bounty hunters to assign themselves tasks and update their progress in the comments.

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Great. I’ve reworded a bit based on your feedback @anna-marie, and started listing deliverable requirements based on yours and @condrenjustin’s suggestions so far.

I agree, the most actionable step is a notion kanban board.

Thank you! Really appreciate you incorporating those.

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I’ve started a basic kanban board on my personal notion sandbox. So far, this can check the boxes of - Details of bounty, - Priority level for bounty, - Claim/Assign tasks, - Update progress.

I will add one more need from my POV. That’s integrate as closely with operationalized tools within the core team, in order to align with priorities and timelines.

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Just accepted the previous rewording.

Last call for feedback (on step 1). I will edit the OP to transition into step 2 starting this Friday, 4th of Feb.


Kicking off step 2 here today, which is “Discuss a process for identifying bounties and assigning POP value.” I’ve edited the OP and included some details on identifying, communicating and assigning value to them.

I’m going to propose a change to the wording here - from the quoted text to “requirements for bounty identification and value assignment.” Essentially asking, “what is needed for bounty ideas to be listed and assigned value?” which will eventually translate into a process.

This step starts to add roles, responsibilities and tokenomics into the equation. Like who gets to determine what goes on the board and what factors and values are considered in the process. I think we need to ensure this process is fair, inclusive, and cost-effective (or otherwise value-added).

Please comment with your feedback / requirements.

I’ll set a soft deadline for this Friday to ensure I keep pushing the process forward.


So far I think we’ll need:

  1. A board administrator
  2. A sort of bounty template with value guidelines
  3. Standards for bounty approval (decided guidelines)

What else might be necessary?

I think we need a way for those adding tasks to label whether that task is permissionless, i.e. the task doesn’t need specific skills, or whether someone needs to show competancy before being allocated a task.

Or perhaps even a way to show the skills and skill-level needed for the permissionless tasks, and a way to have a process of reviewing competency for others.

I think this would enable us to distribute tasks well, without having to worry that some tasks won’t be up to standard and also having a good range of tasks available.


Do you think having a locked/unlocked claim field could satisfy this? Maybe the bounty owner could assign locked tasks? At least as a working solution for now? I’ll check on notion’s capacity for this.

… Bullish case for on-chain resumes though!

I’ve updated the OP with feedback from Step 2. Note: I added a couple sample bounty boards from around Web3, and a “Needs Work” section for determining a standard of bounty values.

Now, onwards and upwards. On to Step 3. This is QA, and perhaps already answered in previous discussions. I’ve copied and pasted the details for step 3 below.

I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like it means that the task isn’t unlocked until the owner chooses to? If so, that sounds like it would work - as long as the assignee can then be assigned to the task by the owner.

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I’m probably mixing vocabulary here. Yes basically how open the task is.

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