[RFC-20] Revitalization of the Popcorn DAO Community and Social Hubs

Nice, The article presents a clear and specific update to the RFC proposal that outlines the roles, budget, and KPIs required for a 30-day trial period to test the effectiveness of the proposed mechanisms. The suggested roles of Hub Operator and Social Media Operation are well-defined, and the budget section provides a breakdown of bounties, tools, and subscriptions required to execute the trial period.

However, the article could benefit from providing more information about the specific goals of the trial period beyond the KPIs listed. For example, what is the expected outcome of publishing one or more articles/blog posts each week, and how will this be measured?

This should improve growth, impresisve idea.
Love it

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Nice idea, it should be able to get more engagements

Strategizing has been a good way of growth improvement in a community, so this is a great idea.