[RFC-23] Growth and Comms Working Group Season 1

Working Group Pilot Review

  • Moderated the community: We moderated the community by setting clear guidelines, actively engaging with members, and promptly addressing any violations or issues. We also promoted a positive and inclusive atmosphere by encouraging constructive discussions and promoting diversity of thought.

  • Encouraged community engagement: We encouraged community engagement by fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, creating interactive content, and actively listening and responding to community feedback.

  • Responded to User Inquiries: We responded to user inquiries by providing precise and timely answers, showing empathy, and being available across multiple channels such as Discord and Telegram. We also followed up, ensured user satisfaction, and helped users with any issues they had.

  • Wrote clear and accurate documentation for the protocol, including 3 articles, 4 threads, and 2 FAQs

  • Fireside Chat: We also began the fireside chat on discord to engage with our users. We had four cozy fireside chats during our pilot phase.

Proposal for Working Groups S1 (Season 1 - FEB - APR 2023)

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase the number of active users


  • This will be achieved by encouraging participation by offering incentives, such as rewards or recognition, for users who contribute to the community in meaningful ways like referring new users, staking tokens, or participating in governance. Organizing contests and events.


  • Discord
  • Communicator Rate:.We want to reach a communicator benchmark of 15%, and right now the rate is at 4.8%.

  • Retention rate:. We want to increase our retention rate to the 20% benchmark, and right now are currently at 11.5%

  • Telegram
  • We want to grow our telegram posting members from 10 to 50 by the end of season 1

  • We want to increase viewing members from 99 to 200 by the end of season 1

  • Karma
  • We want to grow our karma users to 1000 by the end of season 1, from our current count of 610. A 64.41& increase.
  • Crew3
  • We want to expand our crew3 user base from 13 to 50 by the end of season 1.

OBJECTIVE 2: Improve the user experience/Foster a sense of community and belonging


  • Simplifying the onboarding process and adding helpful resources, such as tutorials and FAQs, to make it easier for new users to get started, and a high level of moderation of the community.


  • Feedback and Suggestion Rate: We are hoping to reach out to our community and better understand their needs by increasing the response rate of monthly surveys by 20%.
  • Suggestion Implementation Rate: We are hoping to have 20% of the suggestions we receive from the community implemented. All of the suggestions will be discussed on the forum, and at the end, the community members will vote on which ones to implement.

OBJECTIVE 3: Increase visibility and awareness of our products


  • This will be achieved through targeted marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns and content marketing. Social media campaigns through Twitter, Discord, Medium, and Telegram. Content marketing ideas include educational content (articles, videos, tutorials, FAQs), user-generated content, and case studies.


  • Social Media Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Reach

Team Structure & Budget


  • Core Team Liaison: Michael
  • Working Group Lead: Mukhtar
  • Currently approved contributors: - UMQ (writer/content creator), BRMB(writer/content creator), Miwa(moderator), Simon(moderator), Beami( Video content creator)


  • Working Group Lead: $7,500 USD (paid in POP) for Season 1

    • Approximately 80 hours per month
    • $2500 USD per month paid in the POP, based on the 30-day MA of POP on the last day of the month
    • The key responsibilities of the WG lead are
  • Developing and executing growth and comms content strategy

  • Inspiring and managing the growth and comms contributors

  • Measuring and analyzing performance

  • Hosting weekly fireside chat

  • Moderation of the community

  • Driving consistent use of established DAO operations tools and practices, including hosting weekly WG meetings, managing tasks & bounties on Dework, and keeping the Notion KPI Dashboard updated

  • WG members: $4500 (paid in POP) for Season 1

  • Monthly reports on all work done and the budget used will be posted on the Forum thread for this proposal

  • Members will be paid using bounties

  • Bounties for Participation in governance, contests, tasks, and surveys: 2000 POP for season 1

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Looking forward to the next season. I would suggest a review of strategies for attracting new users that don’t fall under the umbrella of offering rewards. Sustainable user retention from those types of engagements can be difficult to achieve. There are a number of different ways Popcorn offers enrichment to its users and communicating this effectively is certainly a goal for this WG.

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Hey, I have a couple of questions about the RFC.

  1. The 3 articles and others mentioned in the pilot phase review, were they for the entire pilot phase or probably monthly?

  2. For the KPIs

  • How did you calculate the communicator and retention rates?
  • For the workstream, I do not see any real KPIs…I just see social media engagement, traffic, reach, etc. mentioned. What are the metrics with which these KPIs will be calculated and how will they be calculated?

Hey Hamzat

  1. they were for the entire pilot phase. We had other articles that didn’t come up because lack of liquidity on OP.
  2. for the communicator and retention rates, we used discord analytics to get that.
  3. for increased visibility and awareness, we want to track that with our Twitter analytics. We’ll update the metrics properly once we have the information from core team.
  4. for the number of hours of work, we have products coming up that we have to work on, which will take a lot of planning to put out.
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Hey @Mukhtar_yah
Can you outline some measures you might have in place/will have in the future to carry out some of the action items outlined here?
For one, how does the WG intend to reach the numbers set for communicator and retention rates?
Also, what do you mean by increasing Telegram posting and viewing members? And how does the WG intend on going about this.

@Mukhtar_yah thanks for moving this proposal forward. As we move into Season 1 with more independence among Working Groups, it will be important to keep operations running smoothly and maintain transparency in the group’s activities and performance. Please add to the responsibilities of the WG Lead: Driving consistent use of established DAO operations tools and practices, including hosting weekly WG meetings, managing tasks & bounties on Dework, and keeping the Notion KPI Dashboard updated.

It would also be useful to have KPIs for moderator performance. Info on how moderators are onboarded and trained to meet those KPIs would be helpful too.

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Thanks for the posting the proposal. It would be great to see a consolidated proposal with more detail on strategy regarding how to achieve KPI’s. I’m unclear on how we’re beating the benchmark here.

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However, these figures from the review and even most of the proposed KPIs still seem very speculative to me.

Key focus of Growth & Comms should be comms about status of the ~10x PIPs that have passed but are not yet implemented (eg PIP-6 onwards)

Regular status updates should provide accountability and show new holders/members that we deliver on DAO decisions.

It’s also healthy to be open and transparent about the roadblocks and challenges so that people see how we work through them.

Hi Brett, thank you for this information. The growth and comms team will be providing regular updates on the status of PIPs that have been approved but haven’t been implemented yet.

Hey Joey. I just wanted to let you know that I have added “driving consistent use of established DAO operations tools and practices, including hosting weekly WG meetings, managing tasks & bounties on Dework, and keeping the Notion KPI Dashboard updated” to the responsibilities of the WG lead. Additionally, the KPIs for moderator performance will be available on our dework board, along with instructions for how they will be onboarded and trained. Have a great day!

Ifun, we’d like to open up the discussion on our Telegram channel by having members who post messages and interact(posting and viewing members). Currently, there’s a lack of engagement and we believe that by hosting community calls on the telegram channel, encouraging interactive content, and employing calls to action, we can draw more users in.

Another note on the budget here, there are other mission critical workstreams focusing on software development that take precedent where also have to prioritize budget. I don’t think we can afford the proposed budget here.

As @krychek has alluded above, we need to scale back our expenses significantly for the Working Groups program overall. To do this, the recommendation is to put Growth & Comms on pause for now as a stand-alone WG.

Key activities from this group will be added to the DAO Org WG’s proposal, including moderation and limited content development. See the DAO Org WG Season 1 proposal for more details - [RFC - 21] DAO Organization Working Group Season 1 - #12 by JoeyN

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