[RFC-24] Maintain Aragon POP on a multisig


This RFC seeks to inform and collect feedback on transferring the POP treasury on Aragon to a multisig controlled by Core team members as we continue to decentralize Popcorn and its smart contracts. This is a temporary solution that will prevent token holders allocating treasury funds to themselves for monetary benefit via an autonomous vote until the protocol sufficiently decentralizes and can run autonomously.


To remove the ability of token holders to submit proposals to transfer themselves tokens from the PopcornDAO treasury and ensure the entire POP treasury can be utilized in the future.

Action steps:

  • Submit proposal on Aragon to transfer the entire POP allocation on Aragon to a multisig controlled by Core team members: 0x3D5432a0E19a535A203a2aff6c6a83379a3AbFdb
  • Transfer POP to the multisig

Desired outcomes:

  • Prevent potential of token holders submitting proposals and ultimately transferring POP tokens to themselves
  • Maintain control of POP by the core team in a multisig until PopcornDAO determines how to utilize POP in a decentralized and autonomous protocol

Definitely get it off if ANY token holder can vote to transfer please.

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