[RFC-26] Enabling vlPOP Delegation through Karma

1. Summary

Popcorn will soon enable vote delegation in Snapshot to give vlPOP holders the option to assign their voting power to another vlPOP holder of their choice. This will provide new ways for community members to participate in governance, either more actively by becoming a PopcornDAO Delegate, or more passively by choosing an engaged Delegate whose proposal voting record and contributions to community align with their vision and values.

For this to be successful, we need to create a clear and simple experience for both PopcornDAO Delegates and vlPOP delegators. This proposal seeks to define that experience and secure funding for continued use of Karma as a key tool for enabling it.

2. Previous Discussions

3. Main Objective

To create a good vlPOP delegation experience, we need to define 1) the responsibilities of PopcornDAO Delegates, 2) how to become a Delegate, and 3) how to evaluate Delegates and grant them your voting power if you choose to do so. Each of these is discussed below, along with two options for moving forward with Karma.

PopcornDAO Delegate responsibilities:

  1. Read, understand, and provide any necessary feedback on proposals in the Popcorn Forum.
  2. Explore new ways to improve Popcorn as a whole, whether by technical improvements, governance changes, or any other means.
  3. Actively comment and vote on governance proposals.
  4. Set a positive example for the Popcorn community by promoting and adhering to Popcorn’s purpose, values and goals.

How to become a PopcornDAO Delegate:

Those interested in becoming Delegates will provide the following information to create a Delegate profile viewable by potential delegators:

  • Name
  • Discord handle
  • Wallet address or ENS
  • Reason for wanting to be a Popcorn Delegate
  • Any relevant experience in web3, crypto, and/or social impact work you’d like to share

How to evaluate and choose Delegates as a vlPOP holder:

vlPOP holders wishing to delegate their voting power will be able to do so through Karma, where they can find information about Delegates’ voting records, an aggregated Karma Score based on their activity, and an interface allowing direct delegation (skipping the need to do so on Snapshot).

We have been on a free trial with Karma that will be ending shortly and have a couple options for moving forward, each with different experience and cost implications.

Recommended option: Upgrade to an enhanced Karma dashboard

Delegation experience implications:

  • Delegates Profiles will be shared on a Popcorn-branded Karma page. Example: Optimism’s delegate page
  • Delegates can self-signup on the dashboard, verify their social links and create their Delegate profile.
  • Karma displays Delegate profiles along with advanced analytics about Delegate voting behavior. vlPOP holders can filter Delegates by various advanced criteria to help them choose the Delegate who resonates with them the most.
  • To delegate their voting power, vlPOP holders will click the “delegate” button on their desired Delegate’s profile.


  • $500 / month for development and maintenance of the enhanced Karma platform. This was generously offered at a significant discount by Karma to PopcornDAO due to our size and mission.

Backup option: Continue using our current Karma dashboard

Delegation experience implications:

  • Information to populate Delegates Profiles will be collected via replies to a Forum post or a Google Forms link.
  • Delegates Profiles will be created and shared on a public Notion page or Google sheet by Popcorn core contributors (this will require extra work for the team and may result in lag time between a Delegate’s profile submission and their profile going live).
  • vlPOP holders interested in delegating their voting power can read Delegates’ profiles on Notion, and then visit Karma and search by wallet address or ENS to view Delegates’ voting records and Karma scores.
  • To delegate their voting power, vlPOP holders will click the “delegate” button on their desired Delegate’s profile.


  • $250 / month for maintaining our current Karma platform.

4. Organizational/Partnership Requirements:

The recommended option would require some initial coordination with the Karma team to set up our Popcorn-branded Karma page. The backup option would require setting up workflow for collecting and sharing Delegate profiles on an ongoing basis.

5. Next Steps:

If this proposal is approved, we would immediately begin work with Karma to move forward on the selected option and enable vote delegation in Snapshot (a necessary first step).


Hello! I am the founder of Karma and am excited to potentially work with Popcorn DAO and help make delegation process seamless and help the DAO improve governance. I am happy to answer any questions about Karma and our product. Thank you.

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Having a clear pathway to select and view delegates’ records is important, but I’m curious if this can be a gradual upgrade. Recent Snapshot votes have had 10-20 participants each and the University Governance Program will be onboarding 3 delegates for sure. Assuming a portion of the consistent voters (WG leads, active community members, etc) apply to be delegates + the 3 universities, we likely won’t have 2k+ delegates as Optimism does.

Food for thought: begin with maintaining the current Karma platform ($250/month) and use Notion to create a delegate dashboard. Once we pass a threshold of delegates where Notion is no longer easy to manage (25+?) switch to enhanced Karma ($500/month) and migrate all delegate activities there