[RFC-5] - Create XEN-Give and/or POP-Give function + expand onto other chains


(1) Should Popcorn users have the option of nominating a % of their tokens upon staking unlock that can be allocated to a donation pool - which the DAO can then vote on how to distribute to beneficiaries?

And, related to this:

(2) Should Popcorn products be available on all chains that XEN crypto launches on?


Implementing (1) and (2) could significantly amplify potential users and Popcorn’s global positive impact by coupling with XEN’s exploding adoption rate and our ability to become XEN’s positive impact delivery partner.


Popcorn community is currently voting on [PIP-5] XEN-POP stake pool. If it passes, Popcorn will launch a XEN-POP stake pool which will be the first use case for XEN and generate more awareness of Popcorn.

However the stake pool will only be available to XEN tokens minted on the Ethereum mainnet (the first chain that XEN was launched on).
XEN has since launched on 6 other chains and likely others will follow.

Whilst [PIP-5] will reward early XEN adopters, it will not reach XEN holders on other chains that are part of the exploding adoption rate, and there may be interest from those users to interact with Popcorn if they were incentivised to do so.

Currently the value of XEN is still being determined via inflationary price action corresponding to the early stages of its token economics: users minting XEN are able to mint large quantities of the token for zero cost plus gas fees.

Users may be willing to allocate a small (%) portion of their holdings on the basis that their individual portion has little current value however, when pooled with other donations from a large community of impact-driven holders, the positive impact could be significant.

Beneficiaries could also retain (and stake) any XEN grants over a long term on the expectation of future increased value and/or allow their own communities to learn from and experiment with the protocol and their donated tokens. This could further increase global adoption and potential use cases.

Proposal concept


  • Popcorn launches the XEN-POP stake pool
  • XEN and Popcorn users are willing to donate a portion of their locked tokens when they are unlocked
  • XEN becomes a “meta coin” across multiple chains
  • XEN holders (Xenians) are interested in doing good with their crypto, and individually allocating a small portion of their holdings to a larger pool for greater positive impact
  • PopcornDAO can provide its governance and beneficiary framework to manage the donation and grant process

Should Popcorn:

(1) create a function in the stake claim to allow users to withdraw and donate a nominated portion (%) of their unlocked tokens, eg


(2) Expand onto the other chains that XEN has been launched on, including Avalanche, Moonbeam, Evmos and others that XEN may launch on in the future (Popcorn is already on Polygon, BSC)

This may require significant time and resources to implement, so will need input from core team @krychek

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please consider launching simultaneously at least one more chain other than ETH…thanks!

Yes, I personally thought about this. I think popcorn should be available for XEN users on other networks as well.
This would certainly increase the potential users and global influence of popcorn.
But then the drawbacks, the significant time and resources needed for implementation. I believe it would all be worth it in the end

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I don’t see a problem creating stake pools on all chains where XEN is deployed. If we do, we should definitely set up the create a function in the stake claim to allow users to withdraw and donate a nominated portion (%) of their unlocked tokens, eg

That’s an amazing idea that I think would make sense for all of our products tbh. You got my vote here.

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