[RFC-6] Charity Vaults & Philanthropy Optimization


This proposal aims to optimize Popcorn’s methods of donating to nonprofits and social impact organizations beyond a portion of protocol transaction fees by implementing the following functionality on the app:

  • Donate a percentage of redeemable tokens i.e. 3X and Butter
  • Donate staking rewards/claimable tokens as stated in PIP-7
  • “Charity Vault” version of all yield-generating asset strategies that donate yield in its entirety

The above donations and yield in aggregate will be sent to an on-chain “charity” fund controlled by PopcornDAO to be used to donate to nonprofits and charitable organizations determined by PopcornDAO on snapshot until on-chain beneficiary and grant governance is complete.

Desired outcomes:

  • Enable Popcorn users with more options to give back to charitable organizations
  • Create more positive global impact by allowing users to donate beyond just protocol fees.


To honor the social contract Popcorn has with its community to create positive global impact, there is no reason we should not optimize the app with more donation functionality.


In complete accord with another way to create impact through the Popcorn protocol. This type of development paves the way for Popcorn to become a leader in the web3 impact space.


Love the concept of crypto delivering on a community’s social contract to do good and create positive global impact.

I’m really interested to see the Popcorn community’s support for this one :point_up:t3:

Thanks for opening this up to comments. As a nonprofit founder we are always open to ways for donation. I will say that as we navigate crypto donations a lot of times it can be difficult to receive tokens specifically and intermediaries really help a lot for both parties and for accounting purposes. I will keep an eye on popcorn as I love the inherent focus on giving back! More web3 orgs should follow this model! I’m always here for q&a about our nonprofit and how we navigate charitable giving. The org is MakeWater btw.


Is this your url? https://www.makewater.org/

We should definitely chat about making you a beneficiary!


Yes that is us! We actually just finished a student workshop with lil nouns sponsored water purification kits!

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I hope the crypto community will pay more attention to crypto desert areas - such as China.

Makes sense to give the people more avenues to create impact