[RFC-7] Reward vlPOP holders who participate in PopcornDAO governance


This proposal aims to reward active Popcorn users, specifically those participating in PopcornDAO governance. Users who have staked their POP and used their vlPOP to vote on snapshot proposals should be rewarded for participating in PopcornDAO governance, developing the protocol, and ultimately growing our community.

Action steps:

  • Determine reward allocation. I recommend 10,000 POP to the rewards pool.
  • Take a snapshot of all wallets who voted on the next PIP (PIP-7) and onwards.
  • The total amount of rewards distributed per user will be determined by the full allocation of the rewards pool divided by the total number of vlPOP holders who voted. vlPOP holders who voted on more than 1 proposal will be rewarded proportionally.

Desired outcomes:

  • Increase PopcornDAO governance participation
  • Incentivize user activity on popcorndao.finance
  • Inject more utility into the POP token


Governance participation is vital to the success of a decentralized organization and protocol. By virtue of incentivizing DAO participation by rewarding POP stakers, we can also expect buy pressure for the token which is beneficial for all PopcornDAO members, which will ultimately attract more DAO members who are mission aligned with Popcorn.


Sounds good. I’m wondering if it’s possible and how to include off-chain participation like off-chain voting and forum participation. It’ll be nice to get members to participate in all levels of the governance. A tool with the potential to judge that is https://www.showkarma.xyz/. Maybe something the DAO WG lead can look into

Great to see a proposal to incentivize governance participation. The proposal highlights the benefits of doing so as well as the regard Popcorn holds for community involvement in governance. I also value how the proposal simply takes into account vlPOP holders that have voted on Snapshot, and not the amount of vlPOP with which they voted. This proposal thoroughly aims to solidify many of the principles Popcorn was founded with.

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This RFC is perfectly timed.

There are a number of fresh PopcornDAO RFC & PIPs that curious users can interact with and get experience of participating in a DAO and making a difference.

So if you’re new to Popcorn:

  • join Telegram and Discord
  • say hi
  • join this forum and comment and vote on PIPs
  • buy some POP
  • stake it on popcorndao.finance
  • use your vlPOP to vote via snapshot