[RFC-9] GoodDollar - POP Collaboration

  1. Summary/Scope:
    GoodDollar is the largest UBI crypto project, with 500K verified unique wallets opened and a top 5 DAPP by daily active users (verified unique).
    On top of giving free money to undeserved communities GoodDollar enables learning by experimenting with crypto.
    GoodDollar has a sustainable token model that has proved resilient through crypto bear markets.
    There are at least two ways the DAO can support G$
    1. G$/POP staking pool
    2. Stake USDC/DAI in G$ endowment contracts where yield is donated to generate UBI and the DAO will earn GOOD which is the non-transferable governance token of G$. The stake can be withdrawn at any time, only the yield is donated.

Benefits for PopocornDAO

  • G$ Wallet is visited by 10s of thousands of people every day, PopcornDAO can leverage our feed to reach out to a large user base of people eager to learn about crypto and need it the most.
  • Earning GOOD will give the PopocornDAO a stake in shaping the future of GoodDollar
  • Holding G$ is a relative solid investment compared to the broader crypto market

For complete statistics about G$ visit https://dashboard.gooddollar.org

  1. Link to previous DAO discussions:
    You can find previous mentions of G$ in RFC-0
    Proposals - Popcorn - Yield that counts - POP

  2. Main Objective
    The projects alignment is natural. We want to form a longterm relationship.

  3. Contracts/Technical Requirements

  • For the G$/POP pool, duplicate popcorn existing staking pool on Ethereum
    • The popcornDAO needs to approve the amount of G$ it wishes to buy from the GoodReserve on Ethereum to bootstrap the pool
    • Deposit G$+POP to the pool
  • For staking USDC/DAI - the PopcornDAO needs to approve the amount to be transfered to Ethereum from its treasury and stake it in our existing contracts. See goodswap.xyz
  1. Organizational/Partnership Requirements:
  • Think of content PopcornDAO would like to expose to G$ members
  1. Next Steps:
    Choose a collaboration option and move to official PIP.

  2. References

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