[RFC-9] GoodDollar - POP Collaboration

  1. Summary/Scope:
    GoodDollar is the largest UBI crypto project, with 500K verified unique wallets opened and a top 5 DAPP by daily active users (verified unique).
    On top of giving free money to undeserved communities GoodDollar enables learning by experimenting with crypto.
    GoodDollar has a sustainable token model that has proved resilient through crypto bear markets.
    There are at least two ways the DAO can support G$
    1. G$/POP staking pool
    2. Stake USDC/DAI in G$ endowment contracts where yield is donated to generate UBI and the DAO will earn GOOD which is the non-transferable governance token of G$. The stake can be withdrawn at any time, only the yield is donated.

Benefits for PopocornDAO

  • G$ Wallet is visited by 10s of thousands of people every day, PopcornDAO can leverage our feed to reach out to a large user base of people eager to learn about crypto and need it the most.
  • Earning GOOD will give the PopocornDAO a stake in shaping the future of GoodDollar
  • Holding G$ is a relative solid investment compared to the broader crypto market

For complete statistics about G$ visit https://dashboard.gooddollar.org

  1. Link to previous DAO discussions:
    You can find previous mentions of G$ in RFC-0
    Proposals - Popcorn - Yield that counts - POP

  2. Main Objective
    The projects alignment is natural. We want to form a longterm relationship.

  3. Contracts/Technical Requirements

  • For the G$/POP pool, duplicate popcorn existing staking pool on Ethereum
    • The popcornDAO needs to approve the amount of G$ it wishes to buy from the GoodReserve on Ethereum to bootstrap the pool
    • Deposit G$+POP to the pool
  • For staking USDC/DAI - the PopcornDAO needs to approve the amount to be transfered to Ethereum from its treasury and stake it in our existing contracts. See goodswap.xyz
  1. Organizational/Partnership Requirements:
  • Think of content PopcornDAO would like to expose to G$ members
  1. Next Steps:
    Choose a collaboration option and move to official PIP.

  2. References


I think this is a good idea in principle. There’s a clear incentive for popcorn, and it supports our core values and focus areas - especially the idea of tackling issues of inequality. The upcoming age of AI which the world is currently transitioning towards means that we will need to accelerate solutions to tackle the the byproducts of AI - one of which is inequality.

UBI is a worthy cause. I’d like to do some more research on the GoodDollar smart contracts before fully committing my support to this proposal. Thanks for bringing it to us

I remember having a long conversation with I believe one one of your Founders at EthCC in 2021 about Good Dollar. I think UBI is very much mission aligned with Popcorn.

What’s your volume like? What exchanges are you on?

I Recommend you visit dashboard.gooddollar.org and explore our stats there.
We are currently not on any major exchanges.
G$ can be bought and sold on the Reserve (via goodswap.xyz) on mainnet which has liquidity of 600k$
Most users buy/sell G$ on voltage.finance on Fuse network (where we currently distribute UBI)
We distribute around 600$ worth of UBI every day, and around 300$K until today
On Fuse we have a monthly tx volume of 50K$ around half of it is pure p2p transactions

Let me know if you have any questions regarding our contracts.